Ultra light, Super durable and Fast easy slot together detail. Probably the smartest looking music stands available.

Our stands are produced from a waterproof parallel webbed twin wall plastic, which, with proper use, will give you years of service.

The tallest of the 3 stands weighs less than 1kg. Thus one person can carry all the stands in one go, from storage, or your transport to the stage, for the largest of today’s bands.

There are 6 great colours available that can be mixed and matched as desired giving 36 different colour combinations of tops and fronts.

Ace Music Stands will:
• Give a lasting impression.
• Enhance the look of your show.
• Leave your audience in no doubt as to who you are.

Great for:

School bands
Brass bands
Corporate bands
Function bands

College bands
Jazz bands
Recital bands
and Orchestras

Big bands
One man bands
House bands